Practicum Processor 2 Learn Assembly Language 2 Preserve Prosperity language

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The Practicum Processor 2 Learn Assembly Language 2 Preserve Prosperity language is an awesome, but extremely basic little language for a horrible processor. The goal for this language and supplied (in development) compiler is to minimise the work needed to build and debug applications for the PP2-processor used solely in TU/e projects.
The compiler will be able (in the future) to generate nice .asm-files all complete with comments to make it understandable even in assembly-form.
Not really that much thought went into it; it is mostly a fun side project.

All hail the perfectly annoying palindrome :)

Installation and setup

Getting the files

Download the release of your choice and unpack the contents to a directory of your choice.

Getting Java 8+

You need at least Java 8 in order to run PP2LAL2PP. You can get java here.

How to compile

Starting the program

You can start the PP2LAL2PP program using the following command in the command prompt:

java -jar PP2LAL2PP.jar

If you run this exact command you’ll be welcomed by the help screen.

Compiling your program

Use the command below to compile your program.

java -jar PP2LAL2PP.jar [-args] <fileName>

fileName is the name of your PP2LAL2PP source file and is required in order to compile. -args is an optional list of flags (see section below) that modify the default behaviour of the program. Without any flags, the program will compile the PP2LAL2PP source to an assembly file with the same name. However, with a .asm extension.


Flags enable you to add additional functionality to the program. Flags are placed between java -jar PP2LAL2PP.jar and <fileName>. You can place multiple flags behind each other.


Allows you to automatically assemble the produced .asm file. Usage:

java -jar PP2LAL2PP.jar -a <assembler.jar> <output.hex> <fileName>

Where assembler.jar is the location of the PP2 assembler and output.hex is the location of the compiled hex file.


Prevents the usage of certain locations in the Global Data Segment. Usage:

java -jar PP2LAL2PP.jar -b <numberList> <fileName>

Where numberList is a list of all locations to ignore, seperated by a comma. E.g. 3,12,13,18.


Sets the destination of the compiled file. Usage:

java -jar PP2LAL2PP.jar -d <destination> <fileName>

Where destination is the location of the file to save the assembly to.


Refactors the given assembly file not yet implemented.


Unpacks all the template files in the directory of the jar. Usage:

java -jar PP2LAL2PP -u

Note that this will also terminate the program, thus adding more flags will not have any meaning.

How to refactor

Not possible (yet).

© 2016 Hannah Schellekens, Sten Wessel PP2LAL2PP software published under the MIT licence.